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With the ever growing and ever changing technology, education system have never been the same again. Many IT based software applications have been developed and successfully used by educational institutions for an enhanced learning and teaching experience. Today, teachers, students and parents are using IT based products to get the maximum out of education by enabling learning even outside the physical educational institute.

ActiveSchools is an app that helps to bridge the gap between School-Parent-Student-Teacher. ActiveSchools helps in keeping track of the student's progress through instant notifications and easily accessible records. With our embedded mobile application, schools would be able to send reports and information to parents and guardians by using mobile service. Parents and guardians would be able to follow up on the student's progress and get first hand information from school through ActiveSchools. Our cloud base system helps you with better data security and long term efficiency.

Changing from traditional method to new ones is often not a smooth transition. Our team assure full cooperation in helping you overcome your fears and will make you enjoy a smooth migration to ActiveSchools, an advanced and well maintained system.

Cloud Based Application
Scale up and down as per choice
Maximum availability and access from anywhere
No worries on hardware and infrastructure
Pay for what you use
Mobile Application
Access all information on the go from your mobile
Access point for all school authority
Acces point for Parents
Send customised notification to users and all concenred
Student Portal
Real-time class routine and attendance
Show exam routine and results
Online Syllabus and personalized study material for each class
Student specified dashboard
Parent Portal
Show concern class routine and attendance
Show exam routine and results
Syllabus and personalized study material
Mobile apps for all parents
Take real time attendance
Parent and Student gets to see the attendance record on real time basic
Send personalized attendance record via SMS and email
Easy to access and maintain record
Report Card
Upload test results and view them real-time
Upload student progress report and view them real-time
Send results to mobile
Show results through mobile apps
School Update
Publish school calendar
Publish school news and events
Real time notification system for all users
Schow all school updates through mobile apps
Send personalized message to all
Easy to use and send message
Technology to keep all parents on the loop of all the progress
An easier way for communicate with latest and best Technology
We at ActiveSchools work vigorously and constantly undertaking R&D work so as to give you the best.
Bring the latest technology at your disposal.